Release from Heaven 

                                       A Prophetic word for 2011
                                                        Gill Hunt

 I felt God give me the following back at the beginning of December.

“You have gone through the gate of 2008 into the time of 2009 and have been prepared in 2010 for what I will be releasing from Heaven in 2011.”

I believe that God is telling us is that in 2008 each of us, in his own way, went through a specific change. For us it was leaving the church we had been with for 20+ years, for our daughter it was having her back restored – albeit by surgery – for you it will be something else.

This change was so that we would go into the time of 2009 with a different outlook, a different perspective - maybe even a different lifestyle. Whatever it was, our lives were changed from what they were in 2008 as we went through the gate and into the new time of 2009.

I believe that God is saying is that he has been orchestrating a strategic move in our lives and the lives of His people and because of this as we came into 2010 we were able to make the changes He was asking of us, and also allow ourselves to be prepared, so that we would be ready for whatever He asked of us.

Again for each of us this will be different. We will have all made changes and sacrifices over the last three years in one way or another. We will all have noticed things happening in our lives where we have had to make choices – and have hopefully made the right ones.

Some of us will have been tested quite dramatically – others in only a small way – but God has been moving things about in our lives in preparation for what is to come in 2011.

What this release from Heaven is may be different for each one of us – because each one of us is different and in a different place. But, I believe that the past three years of 2008, 9, & 10 have been significant in what God wants to do in us and through us this year. The one thing that I believe he said to me was that it is to do with power and authority.

I believe that the release from Heaven in 2011 will be different from anything we have seen or heard of before - and from anything that we could imagine.
If it was to be the same then we would not have needed the preparation of the past three years to be ready to receive this release.

As in the past three years we will in 2011 be faced with choices – my prayer is that we will all prayerfully make the right ones.